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At AIPIXL we have gained detailed technical knowledge and expertise in a growing number of RTB and Programmatic systems and techniques.
We are expertly positioned to help you choose what is best for you.

Cost Effectiveness

Operating in the environment of Guernsey, with zero corporate, sales or capital gains tax, AIPIXL is able to maximise benefit from RTB advertising spend and revenue.


AIPIXL is able to provide a full offshore presence and operational entity for clients whose strategic business models benefit from such structures.

What is RTB?

Real Time Bidding
Check this short YouTube video which we think explains the subject well …

AIPIXL Real Time Bidding & Programmatic Expertise

We provide Real Time Bidding and Programmatic Marketing expertise delivered from our expert team based in Guernsey, an offshore island of the United Kingdom. We provide services ranging from one off consulting assignments through to full management and solution hosting to maximise your business opportunities.

Aipixl have agreed a strategic partnership with well-know agency, TAG Media. For more info please click here.

Contact AIPIXL today for expert guidance on your Programmatic and Real Time Bidding Strategy, utilising the latest tools to optimise investment returns.


AIPIXL has a strong track record of driving businesses to maximise their revenues through appropriate technology strategies delivered in tax neutral environments. Formed by two senior, corporate directors whose vision is to deliver the latest digital solutions within the most beneficial legislation environments.

  • Appropriate technology strategies

  • Latest digital solutions

  • Tax neutral environments


Why AIPIXL – we have an ever increasing skill set and customer base focused on providing the best in RTB ( real time bidding) and Programmatic Advertising .. all delivered from a tax neutral environment so not only do you get the Best Expertise but we also you ensure maximisation of your investment

Why GUERNSEY – Guernsey operates as a Protectorate of the British Isles and is geographically located in the English Channel between the UK and France. It is globally recognised for its political stability and sensible legislation, maintaining strong IP and Data Protection laws together with a policy of Tax Neutrality.

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